Ways to develop interpersonal skills at work.

Interpersonal skills hold an important place in communication. It refers to those skills that helps you to communicate and interact with people, be it individually or in team. Developing one’s interpersonal skills results in better relationships, clear communication and lasting impression.

Below are some ways to improve your interpersonal skills.

Stay positive– Cultivating a positive energy in you could be the first step. Have a proactive attitude towards your work and personal life.  Keep a smile on your face when you come in contact with fellow beings, so that you draw other’s attention and impression towards you.

Be a good listener -It should always be remembered that the best part of a conversation is when you give an ear to the speaker attentively and respond appropriately. Here the speaker is motivated to interact with you more and has a strong binding created between the speaker and the listener. The appropriate response may include acknowledging their positive results or milestones, showing sympathy for their difficult situations, appreciating their good qualities, etc.

Communicate clearly– Communication being the vital element of interpersonal skills, you need to make your conversation precise. It is the first thing that would create an impact in the minds of people who you interact with. Always remember to make your conversation in a positive pitch. The ultimate formula for this is not to complain!

Put yourself in others shoes– One of the best ways to improve your interpersonal skills is by having an insight on what others perceive by your deeds or actions. You need to look at the situations from the other person’s perspective, so that you make right decisions for right situations.

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